Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is 15 McGrath?

The 15 McGrath Highway Project is located at the site formerly home to Sav-Mor Liquors.

Q: What is 15 McGrath?

15 McGrath will include the construction of a 9 nine story LEED Platinum Core/ Shell Lab and Office Building. 15 McGrath will produce 262,000 square feet of commercial space, 268 motor vehicle parking spaces, 53 long-term bicycle parking spaces, and 14 short-term bicycle spaces.

Q: What are the community benefits for the master plan of the area?

The development will help establish a more consistent and urban street wall along McGrath Highway which contributes to the area becoming more pedestrian friendly. The ground floor will include space dedicated for Arts and Creative Enterprise or retail. A 24 hr parking garage will be available for public use and include with 15% of the spaces equipped with EV chargers. The project supports the goals laid out in SomerVision 2040, the City of Somerville’s comprehensive plan, including the following:

  • Build a sustainable future through climate leadership and balanced transportation.
  • Promote a dynamic urban streetscape that embraces public transportation, reduces car dependence, and is accessible, inviting and safe for all pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders.
  • Minimize the overall land use in Somerville dedicated to personal vehicles while encouraging alternative modes.

Q: Who owns 15 McGrath?

DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners, Leggat McCall Properties, and Laben Realty LLC are the ownership team developing 15 McGrath.

Q: When is construction expected to start?

The Earthwork Subcontractor mobilized onsite in Spring 2023 to begin enabling and site preparations.

Q: What is the proposed timeline for completion?

Construction of 15 McGrath has paused until market conditions improve. The project team fully intends to reengage and complete the project at that time. In the interim, the site will continue to be monitored and maintained in a safe, secure and orderly manner.

Q: How much open or green space is planned?

The 15 McGrath project will help establish a more consistent and urban street along McGrath Highway, helping to make the area become more pedestrian friendly. The area between the front lot line and the façade will contain approximately 15’ of landscaping and sidewalk furnishings at the front edge of the property, a vehicular passenger loading and unloading area, and a covered arcade like area at eh edge of the building. Additionally landscaping will be provided along the northeast side of the building adjacent to the elevated community path.

Q: How many new bike lanes will there be?

We are still working through the process with the City of Somerville, MassDOT, and our traffic consultant to determine the final plan for bike lanes.

Q: How many jobs will the development of 15 McGrath support?

15 McGrath will create over 800 construction jobs and 1,000 permanent positions related to Office/R&D/life sciences/retail and parking uses.

Q: How will impacts to the surrounding community be addressed during the construction?

During construction, the 15 McGrath team will provide project updates, look ahead schedules and contact info via our project website. We will also hold community meetings to provide neighbors with project updates.

Q: How will noise be managed during construction?

The project will follow the City of Somerville’s noise ordinance for construction, therefore work on the exterior of the site shall be from 7:00am-7:00pm Monday through Saturday, with limited exterior work on Sundays as allowed by the City of Somerville.

Q: How will dust be managed during construction?

During construction, water will be used to minimize and/or eliminate dust during activities as needed. Street sweeping will be provided on public roads as needed.

Q: Will the construction result in increased rodent activity in the neighborhood?

The project will have a comprehensive rodent control and monitoring program in accordance with City regulations. Strict waste management protocols ensure rodent food sources will be minimized and monthly rodent control reports will be kept.

Q: Will the construction work impact vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the surrounding areas?

Traffic Management Plans will be developed and approved by the City of Somerville, and will be implemented during different phases of the project where the public may be impacted. When construction activities will be near the sidewalk along McGrath Highway, ADA compliant overhead protection will be provided. McGrath Highway and the public sidewalk will remain open during construction, with the exception for a few, preplanned, and preauthorized shut downs.

Q: Will resident street parking be affected?

The project has arranged for private parking accommodations for 15 McGrath contractors to maximize off-street parking. Depending on the level of work happening at the project, some workers may require parking outside of our private parking accommodations and will coordinate through the City’s contractor permit application process.

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